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What's On

Bayview Riverside Picnic

* Change Of Date *
14 June
HVCNSW General/Committee Meetings
23rd June

Hungarian Vizsla Judging Brisbane Royal
14 August

Sydney Dog Lovers Show
15-16 August

Hungarian Vizsla Judging Melbourne Royal
22 September


We hope that you will find some of the information you are looking for on this website - but the web site is simply a doorway to the Club and its activities and resources.  We have an active Breed Informaton and Breed Referral service to help you decide if a Vizsla is the right breed for you, then help with your search for a reputable and committed Breeder.  If you are thinking of an older Vizsla, we occasionally have rescued or rehome Vizslas available to the right homes.

Once you've decided that a Vizsla is the dog for you, there are many things that our Club can offer to make Vizsla ownership even more fun.

► Specialist Conformation Shows
► Obedience Trials
► Tracking Trials
► Club Picnics
► Workshops
► Breed Rescue/Rehoming Service
► Bi-monthly Club Meetings
► Quarterly Newsletter

The Club welcomes all Vizsla owners - whether their dog is a top winning show dog, a companion hunter or top class pet.   Also welcome are those who are interested in learning more about the breed, previous Vizsla owners who happen to be without a Vizsla currently and others who, for whatever reason, are admirers of this lovely breed.

No matter what else any of our Vizslas do, they are all members of our families and you will find the concern for the welfare of these fabulous four footed members is the core of all HVC of NSW activities.  Why not come and join us?


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